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Independent White Center (PAC)

Independent White is sponsored by the Political Action Committee (PAC) Independent White Center. It is a registered PAC with the State of Washington. This PAC is made up of a group of concerned citizens from Burien, North Highline/White Center/Area Y and Seattle. We believe that annexation of Area Y/ North Highline/White Center to Burien is not in the best interest of the residents of North Highline or the residents of Burien.

On October 2, 2012 the The B-Town Blog, in association with sister site The White Center Blog, hosted a Town Hall Forum on the city of Burien’s proposed annexation of North Highline.

At the meeting the proponents of Annexation made some statements that need clarification. It apparently can't be said often enough:
There is no law that will force the area to join a city. If they do not join Burien, they will not be forced to join Seattle.
For more information please see the following Letters to the B-Town Blog. The first one includes the text of an email from Seattle City Council Member Jean Godden stating that Seattle has no plans to Annex the White Center area, and if they ever do, it would not be done without a vote:

The annexation issue will appear on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot.

You may download our flyers and information sheets:

Call 206-244-8777 for a free yard sign, a free “no Annexation” sign for your window, or to arrange to get some pre-printed flyers.

Below is the statement that we have prepared for the King County Voter's Pamphlet explaining our position on this ballot measure;

Vote NO on annexation-Retain your independence.  If you don’t join Burien, it does not mean you will be forced to join Seattle. This ballot measure is about whether to pay over $400 more to Burien in taxes yearly or stay in unincorporated King County.  Annexation to Burien will increase/add seven new Burien taxes or fees for residents and businesses (B&O taxes, property taxes, utility and cable taxes, permit fees, underground wiring and fire levies), with no increase in services.

Burien land use and zoning changes and ordinances will negatively impact your neighborhood.  Burien has parking tickets and requires permits to trim your trees.  Burien doesn't have the money to provide more services than what is currently provided by King County.

No increase in police or fire coverage and Sales Tax Credits will only cover the cost of police service.  Burien does not have the $77 million needed to improve and maintain roads, sidewalks, or parks.  Human services-such as refugee and job services, homeless and senior services-will be reduced.  King County Animal Control and medical marijuana dispensaries will be eliminated.  If you join Burien, you will get no added services or representation for your increased taxes.

Vote NO on Burien annexation.

If you are interested in supporting our cause in the upcoming election, please send your donations to;

Independent White Center
9833 17 Ave. S.W.
White Center, WA. 98106

Donations of any amount are welcome and will help us to defeat this ballot measure in the November election.

There will be a detailed fact sheet of our concerns posted at this site soon.

Also be sure to mark your calendar and show up to the information sessions put on by the City of Burien. Bring your questions about annexation to these meetings. Ask the hard questions about where the revenues are going to come from and how much annexation will really cost the average citizen.

This is the posting from the City of Burien website:

Annexation of North Highline

The Burien City Council on April 2 adopted a resolution that requests King County to place on the Nov. 6, 2012, General Election ballot a proposition concerning annexation of the North Highline Area "Y" annexation area. Residents of the proposed annexation area would vote on whether to become part of the City of Burien. The proposed annexation area includes the unincorporated remainder of North Highline, which takes in White Center, Top Hat, Beverly Park, Glendale, and portions of Boulevard Park, Riverton Heights and Shorewood. Burien annexed the southern section of North Highline in 2010. 

At its Oct. 3 meeting, the Council approved an "intent to annex" resolution that set in motion the formal annexation process. The annexation proposal went before Washington State Boundary Review Board for King County, which conducted a public hearing Jan. 9 and 10 before voting to accept the proposal on Feb. 16. If approved by voters, the annexation could take effect in spring 2013.

Upcoming Informational Sessions

August 23:  White Center Food Bank, 10829 8th Ave SW, 6 pm

September 13:  Beverly Park Elementary School, cafeteria, 1201 S. 104th Street, 6 pm

October 18:  Cascade Middle School, cafeteria, 11212 10th Ave SW, 6 pm

The B-Town Blog, The White Center Blog, and The Highline Times all have search engines so that you can look for articles about specific things. Click the following links to see the results page after searching for Annexation on The B-Town Blog, The White Center Blog and The Highline Times.

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